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Lucid #1

My dream:

So i had just gotten a job at a convenience store and I was getting started on my first day. Things weren’t going well cause I kept getting harassed by a particular customer that kept trying to get free shit and trying to walk in the back while I wasn’t looking. I made him leave.

After my shift I was on my way home and I saw that customer I made leave standing 50 yards or so down the street and just starring at me. What was unsettling was his smile.

The next thing I knew I was in the middle of the woods, running from something and I was covered in blood. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t my own. I knew I had done something terrible but I knew it was against my will.

That’s when I got the graphic flashbacks. (Yeah, apparently you can dream flashbacks) It was a very clear, first person image of myself committing extremely gruesome acts to a person involving an ax and there were these shadows all around us. That’s when I was back in the woods, running.

I hid inside of a bush for what felt like forever and I eventually got away. I made it back to a road and got home safely.

Later that week my friend decided to bring me to the arcade to try and make me feel better, and it worked. All we did was game for hours and it took my mind off of the horrifying shit from earlier.

I ran into these two girls that I had never seen before in my life but apparently I had agreed to help them write a paper not long before the incident in the woods took place. I didn’t even remember agreeing to it so of course it slipped my mind completely. They started getting really shitty with me and I couldn’t even explain what had happened that week, but they still wouldn’t let up, so I interrupted both of them and said, 

"You know what? Fuck your paper."

They both stopped talking and went to their table and started complaining to this old woman about what just happened and I go about my business and rejoin my friend in playing games. I wanted to get a drink so I grabbed mine and my friend’s cup and made my way to the bar. I looked back over at the table and saw the two girls and the old woman staring directly at me.

There was something wrong with their eyes. They had become completely black and their irises were a pale blue. They would not break their focus on me. I turned around to tell my friend and he was gone. Everyone in the arcade was gone aside from the three women and when I turned around they were standing directly in front of me.

I noticed to my left that a unrecognizable figure had manifested itself suddenly. The women were staring into my eyes, still. I don’t think they ever broke contact and that’s when they spoke.

They said, “Sleepy time, Danny-boy.” (my name isn’t even Danny)

The figure to my left had grown white circles for eyes and they were glowing brighter than any of the lights on any of the games or lamps around me. It let out a quick scream that sounded like white noise mixed with an extremely detuned synthesizer playing in reverse. I can still hear that noise.

That’s when I woke up.

No idea what’s going on with my brain but this isn’t the first time things like this have happened to me and after the strange occurrences last night, I’m not sure what to believe right now. Things are lining up way too conveniently for my skepticism to be the dominant state of thinking.

Acknowledge or ignore? Does it even matter?

Are you serious….

So I just walked down the hallway to the bathroom and as I pass the closet I hear a knocking coming from inside. It wasn’t a slow knock either, it was quick and attentive. I opened the door and there was nothing inside but the towels on the racks, so I open my brother’s door and ask him if he was just knocking on anything and he said he wasn’t and didn’t hear anything. I was surprised because the closet is in between both of our rooms.

This confused the hell out of me because this closet is by no means a big one and it’s split three times by metal shelves which the towels are on. No one could hide inside of it except for maybe a very small child under the bottom shelf.

So anyway, I figure it’s just me hearing shit so I go to the bathroom and dismiss the knocking. Once I exit the bathroom and walk past the door and just as I get to the doorway of my bedroom I hear it again. Just as loud and as fast as the first time. I go back to my brother’s room and ask him to confess and admit he’s making the noise. He got frustrated and assured me he has no idea what I’m talking about. He’s a really bad liar and his voice and facial expression was dead serious.

I walk back to my room again and, this time, as I walk past the hall closet, I hear nothing. Instead I get this sense of vertigo and I become really aware of everything around me. Then I could hear this faint, constant humming in my head. My vision became blurry and it felt like I was walking in slow motion and I couldn’t seem to move faster.

As soon as I got in my room the feeling immediately went away and I feel completely normal again.

I can’t make heads or tails of this shit, but, nonetheless, someone’s fucking with me whether it be my brother or an unexpected guest. If anything else happens I’ll post about it. I may take some videos the next time I go down the hallway and see if anything happens. I’ve always been a skeptic but on the off chance that I’m wrong I wanna have some evidence.

Stay tuned.